In season – pears

We're lucky in Australia - pears are in season for most of the year, you've just got to be clever about which variety you choose. Right now, we're nearing the end for William pears, which are the ones we probably know the best. Officially this variety is in season until May, but it's been very... Continue Reading →

In season – sweet potatoes

These must be in season because I just bought them at the local grocer for $1 a kilogram. Sweet potatoes don't often grow well immediately around Melbourne (they hate frost), but still thrive in warmer parts of northern Victoria, so even though we're not strictly local here, you'll still find them in a local seasonal... Continue Reading →

In season – figs

I know these are ready when the bats start making a pilgrimmage from Ripponlea House to my back garden. They're huge in this area - the bats, not the figs - so large you can feel the gush of summer air under their wings as they circle in twilight and settle at the top of... Continue Reading →

In season – Eggplant

Eggplant season, January-March The maligned eggplant is one of my favourite fruits (Yes, it is a fruit, part of the Solanaceae family and has relatives including chillies, tomatoes and potatoes – more of my favourite things). Some people hate it because it’s ugly, bitter and intense, but just like a person who may appear like... Continue Reading →

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