What is “The Local Graze”?

These posts detail my experiences trying to eat and drink regionally and seasonally. Everyday eats and drinks, in-season fruit and veg, regional finds, shops and producers. I’ll follow Melbourne’s seasons, but hope to include a table for other areas as I progress. I’m not a vegan, but I’m trying really hard to keep my consumption as ethical as I can without making my family disown me. I’ll list my favourite recipes for seasonal produce, and they’ll always be easy. Finally, I’ll catalogue some of my food and wine travel experiences, both Australian and internationally – no three-michelin star stuff, just authentic local eats, regional recipes and producers worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Blog sponsorship

All posts are impartial and honest. If I receive something for free, I make it a point to inform my readers. I’m not against a little sponsorship here and there, but I’m not actively pursuing any at this time. Please contact me if you think you have something I’m interested in – it should fit into my ideals of useful, ethical, sustainable, seasonal and locally appropriate products and be accessible to my readers.

Who am I?

I’ve recently moved back to my home city of Melbourne after spending nearly ten years in Dubai. I’m presently still getting over it, and trying to figure out if it was the best idea of my life to leave, or if I should have gritted my teeth through yet another economic slowdown and persevered for the sake of international travel opportunities, eternal sunshine and overpaid work.

I’d written a blog titled “The hedonista” for many years whilst in Dubai, a miscellany of brain waves and brain farts somewhat centering around my travels and copious appetites. It was a good thing. But a weight had built in me over this time – both in kilograms and guilt. I consumed and then consumed some more – from my imbibing of Champagne and other gourmet substances shipped from the corners of the earth, to my daily use of air conditioning, a V8 SUV, a golden air miles account and the lives of the builders of Dubai, who literally spent their blood sweat and tears to give me malls for my ennui, roads to eat up, and five-star hotels to brunch in.

So my return to Australia has brought with it a smidge of awareness and self-loathing, but a realisation that I can do something about it. The Hedonista is no more.

Melbourne is now my expat experience. The city has changed considerably since I left it to its own devices in 2008, and I’m finding it’s 99% for the better.

My resume

Sarah Walton – married, middle aged, two kids.

Education – Dip. Wine Marketing, University of Adelaide

Work history – General manager of a content and copywriting business in Dubai, freelance writer (travel, restaurant reviews, recipes), sommelier, wine sales rep, wine educator, restaurant manager, waiter and housewife (terrible at that last one).

Interests – Photography, wine, cooking, sewing, watching and reading sci fi, hanging out with my dog Alfie, kung fu fighting

Freelance writing

My day job is writing, and I do this for almost anyone who asks. Please get contact me if you would like to discuss – I can provide rates and samples on request. Work I will take on includes; writing (specialising in food, travel and leisure), recipe design, photography (only candid and associated with written pieces), running group wine tastings, and preferably, traveling to exotic areas and posting pretty pics on instagram.

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